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Professionally designed swimsuit suggested for medium and larger busts. With a sporty look. Smooth, with contrasting piping. Ideal for both swimming and relaxation. Bra with underwire and cups filled with special foam, padded. Sizes with cups B, C, D have additional lightweight push up filling placed in the lower part of the cups (cups E, F, G, H are without push up). The model does a great job of gathering, proper lifting and shaping the breasts. With straps of adjustable length, adapted to the size. Panties with higher cut than usual, elastic and very comfortable.

Two-piece swimsuit for medium and larger breasts.

Italian high quality Carvico Tesutti fabric.

Professional cup construction – specially modelled, padded, with underwire

Push up padding available in sizes with cups B, C, D (other cups without push up)

Brilliant colours, perfect for the beach

Bodice with lining, elevated cut, provide exceptional comfort

The swimsuit is quick-drying, resistant to sunlight (does not fade)

Model from the latest Summer 2017 collection!

Wash by hand at a water temperature of up to 30 degrees. Do not dry mechanically. Do not spin. First quality.

Spandex 20 %
polyamide 80 %

SizeHipsUnderbustChestBottom sizeCup Size
42/80H100 cm76-80 cm98-99 cmXXLH
44/85H104 cm81-85 cm100-101 cmXXLH
75B/M92 cm71-75 cm84-85 cmMB
75C/L96 cm71-75 cm86-87 cmLC
75C/M92 cm71-75 cm86-87 cmMC
75D/L96 cm71-75 cm88-89 cmLD
75D/M92 cm71-75 cm88-89 cmMD
75E/L96 cm71-75 cm90-91 cmLE
75E/M92 cm71-75 cm90-91 cmME
75F/L96 cm71-75 cm92-93 cmLF
75F/M92 cm71-75 cm92-93 cmMF
75G/L96 cm71-75 cm94-95 cmLG
75G/M92 cm71-75 cm94-95 cmMG
80C/L96 cm76-80 cm88-89 cmLC
80D/L96 cm76-80 cm90-91 cmLD
80D/XL100 cm76-80 cm90-91 cmXLD
80E/L96 cm76-80 cm92-93 cmLE
80E/XL100 cm76-80 cm92-93 cmXLE
80F/L96 cm76-80 cm94-95 cmLF
80F/XL100 cm76-80 cm94-95 cmXLF
80G/L96 cm76-80 cm96-97 cmLG
80G/XL100 cm76-80 cm96-97 cmXLG
85D/XL100 cm81-85 cm92-93 cmXLD
85D/XXL104 cm81-85 cm92-93 cmXXLD
85E/XL100 cm81-85 cm94-95 cmXLE
85E/XXL104 cm81-85 cm94-95 cmXXLE
85F/XL100 cm81-85 cm96-97 cmXLF
85F/XXL104 cm81-85 cm96-97 cmXXLF
85G/XL100 cm81-85 cm98-99 cmXLG
85G/XXL104 cm81-85 cm98-99 cmXXLG
90H/3XL108 cm86-90 cm102-103 cm3XLH






75C/M, 75E/L, 75F/L, 75G/M, 80G/L, 80G/XL, 85G/XL


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