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Big, trendy peas in cool colors this season. This is the perfect idea for the beach.
The swimsuit features a sexy and very comfortable bra with a bardot design. The horizontal cut line allows for a sensual look and maximum elegance. Stiffened cups, enriched with underwiring (horizontal and vertical), supplemented with pockets for attached push up pads (available in sizes S, M, L, XL) – put them in the bra and your breasts will optically enlarge by more than a size. The construction additionally allows to perfectly lift breasts and bring them closer to each other. At the back the bra is fastened with a buckle. The straps of adjustable length, with the possibility of their complete detachment.

Composition: 80% polyamide, 20% elastane.

SizeHipsUnderbustChestBottom size
3XL/2XL98-104 cm77-82 cm89-91 cmXXL
L90-96 cm74-79 cm86-88 cm
L/XL94-100 cm74-79 cm86-88 cmXL
M86-92 cm71-76 cm83-85 cm
M/L90-96 cm71-76 cm83-85 cmL
S82-88 cm68-73 cm80-82 cm
S/M86-92 cm68-73 cm80-82 cmM
XL94-100 cm77-82 cm89-91 cm
XL/M86-92 cm77-82 cm89-91 cmM
XL/XXL98-104 cm77-82 cm89-91 cmXXL
XXL98-104 cm80-85 cm92-93 cm






S, M, L, XL, S/M


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