Swimsuit two piece model 164077 Lorin


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Two-piece swimsuit

– cups slightly padded

– wires and vertical underwire support and shape the breasts

– sides reinforced with additional mesh

– straps non-removable, adjustable

– metal hooks for straps

– comfortable buckle fastening on the back

– classic cut panties

Spandex 20 %
polyamide 80 %

SizeHipsUnderbustChestBottom sizeCup Size
40/80D99-101 cm78-82 cm98-100 cm40D
44/90C105-108 cm88-92 cm106-108 cm44C
46/95C109-112 cm93-97 cm111-113 cm46C
46/95D109-112 cm93-97 cm113-115 cm46D
46/95E109-112 cm93-97 cm115-117 cm46E
75E/M96-98 cm73-77 cm95-97 cm38E
75F/M96-98 cm73-77 cm97-99 cm38F
75G/M96-98 cm73-77 cm99-101 cm38G
80E/L99-101 cm78-82 cm100-102 cm40E
80F/L99-101 cm78-82 cm102-104 cm40F
80G/L99-101 cm78-82 cm104-106 cm40G
85C/XL102-104 cm83-87 cm101-103 cm42C
85D/XL102-104 cm83-87 cm103-105 cm42D
85E/XL102-104 cm83-87 cm105-107 cm42E
85F/XL102-104 cm83-87 cm107-109 cm42F
85G/XL102-104 cm83-87 cm109-111 cm42G
90D/XXL105-108 cm88-92 cm108-110 cm44D
90E/XXL105-108 cm88-92 cm110-112 cm44E
90F/XXL105-108 cm88-92 cm112-114 cm44F






40/80D, 75E/M, 75F/M, 75G/M, 80E/L, 80F/L, 85C/XL, 85D/XL, 85E/XL, 85F/XL, 90D/XXL


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