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Proposal for ladies with breasts in cups D, E, F, G – two-piece swimsuit, which nicely gathers and shapes the breasts, without unnecessary enlargement. Patterned at the top, fastened at the waist with a buckle, with adjustable straps. Italian fabric, high quality. Elegant and fashionable colors, combined with a fine pattern, look stylish and interesting. The set includes high, comfortable panties with a decorative tie on the hip. The top in a different colour makes the panties look lower despite their full cut, which makes the hips look shapely.

Spandex 20 %
polyamide 80 %

SizeHipsUnderbustChestBottom sizeCup Size
75D/L90-96 cm70-75 cm85-87 cmLD
75D/M86-92 cm70-75 cm85-87 cmMD
75E/L90-96 cm70-75 cm88-90 cmLE
75E/M86-92 cm70-75 cm88-90 cmME
75F/L90-96 cm70-75 cm91-93 cmLF
75F/M86-92 cm70-75 cm91-93 cmMF
75G/L90-96 cm70-75 cm94-95 cmLG
75G/M86-92 cm70-75 cm94-95 cmMG
80D/L90-96 cm80-85 cm92-94 cmLD
80D/XL94-100 cm80-85 cm92-94 cmXLD
80E/L90-96 cm80-85 cm95-97 cmLE
80E/XL94-100 cm80-85 cm95-97 cmXLE
80F/L90-96 cm80-85 cm98-100 cmLF
80F/XL94-100 cm80-85 cm98-100 cmXLF
80G/L90-96 cm80-85 cm101-103 cmLG
80G/XL94-100 cm80-85 cm101-103 cmXLG
85D/XL94-100 cm85-90 cm98-100 cmXLD
85D/XXL98-102 cm85-90 cm98-100 cmXXLD
85E/XL94-100 cm85-90 cm101-103 cmXLE
85E/XXL98-102 cm85-90 cm101-103 cmXXLE
85F/XL94-100 cm85-90 cm104-106 cmXLF
85F/XXL98-102 cm85-90 cm104-106 cmXXLF
85G/XL94-100 cm85-90 cm107-108 cmXLG
85G/XXL98-102 cm85-90 cm107-108 cmXXLG




navy blue


75D/L, 75D/M, 75E/M, 75F/M, 75G/L


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