Swimming bra model 165334 Lupo Line


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Bikini bra in an extremely colorful pattern of tropical flowers. The model created for women with small and medium breasts. The bowls with gel push-up padding on the underwire, perfectly collect and accentuate the bust. Between the cups subtle decoration. The costume is tied up at the neck and fastened at the back. Very girly and inspiring model, perfect for the summer season.

Spandex 15 %
polyamide 85 %

65C63-67 cm81-83 cm
65G63-67 cm89-91 cm
70B68-72 cm84-86 cm
75A73-77 cm87-89 cm
75C73-77 cm91-93 cm
75D73-77 cm93-95 cm
80B78-82 cm94-96 cm
80C78-82 cm96-98 cm
80D78-82 cm98-100 cm
85B83-87 cm99-101 cm
85C83-87 cm101-103 cm


Lupo Line




65C, 65G, 75A, 80D, 85B


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